Ancient Waters is an enterprise that was birthed out of a vision and passion to add value back to the planet by recycling and irrigation of clean, sustainable, life-giving water.

Based in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, we are well positioned to provide sustainable and workable water solutions to both local and international markets.
Our services, which are completely adaptable to suit our clients' needs, are thus affordable and available to domestic, public and private sectors.

Added to our credit is that our team has over 28 years of experience in providing these total solutions.

Ancient Waters vision is to provide safe water, waste water plants with evolving technology that will positively impact environmental, social and economic aspects through our offering of a reliable, tested and ecologically friendly process to recycle and return water to our planet, thus doing out bit to keep our planet healthy.

It is our desire to augment existing water supplies in a manner that will not only meet the health needs of our society in an eco friendly manner but will also water to be returned back into rivers and lakes economically and sustainably.