What is AFM?

AFM is an abbreviation for Activated Filter Media and is a revolutionary filter material developed from of green glass by Dr. Howard Dryden. With its strong negative adsorption, AFM filters 30% more organic matter than quartz or glass sand.

AFM also has catalytic and oxidizing properties that protect against bacterial colonization. With AFM no Biofilm can be formed in the filter bed. That means: no trichloramine toxic, no smell of chlorine, less chlorine consumption and a considerably risk reduced pathogens such as legionella. AFM is self-disinfectant and ensures healthy air and crystal-clear water. AFM is used successfully in more than 100'000 public and private pools in the whole world.


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Why is biofilm a problem?

Quartz sand has good mechanical filtering properties, but is also a good ground for bacteria. Heterotrophic bacteria colonize the grains of sand in a short period of time and protect themselves with a mucus against the oxidizing agent. This mass of mucus - the so-called bio-film - provides protection for a variety of bacteria and viruses - even for dangerous pathogens such as Legionella.

Heterotrophic bacteria living in the biofilm convert urea into ammonia, which reacts with chlorine to form mono-, di- and trichloramines. Trichloramine is very volatile and causes the typical smell of chlorine. Trichloramine can damage the protective film on the lungs. Consequently, the absence of biofilm also means the absence of harmful trichloramine!

AFM contains metal oxides that give the surface catalytic properties. These ensure a high potential redox on the surface of the grain and protects it against this colonization of bacteria. AFM becomes a self-disinfectant.

What makes AFM so particular?

The secret of AFM is and remains well protected.

We reveal 3 reasons:

1. Glass chemistry:

Green and white glasses have different physical and chemical properties. With green glass it is possible to obtain the catalytic and adsorptive properties of AFM.

2. The shape of the grains:

In order to obtain good hydraulic properties through the operation of the mechanical filter, there needs to be a large wrinkled area without radiance. Other beads or glass plates are not suitable.

3 The activation process:

Through a chemical and physical process in several stages, the AFM area will be expanded from 3,000 m2 to over 1,000,000 m2 per m3. As we work with surface reactions, this activation particularly gives AFM exceptional properties that exceed those of the quartz and glass sand several times.

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